Borna Bebek, Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. PhD at the London School of Economics, UK. Post-doctoral studies at Oxford Christian College, former Fulbright scholar. Executive director of Zagreb Office of CELI (Central European Leadership Institute) from Washington. Advisor to the Croatian Army Command; advisor to the President of the Republic of Croatia; Croatian secretary general in Geneva, Switzerland; chairman of many international conferences (Delhi, Singapore, Shanghai, Washington, San Francisco, Stockholm, Mexico City). Visiting lecturer at George Washington University, USA.



Co–founder of NESA, New England Travel Agency, with Fredie Laker. NESA was a pioneer in super-low-budget student flights.

Has worked with ICCR, the India Council for Cultural Relations.

Member of Corps de Chevalier (Vandalo-Guestphalia), a famous Heidelberg based fraternity.

Fulbright Scholar.

Has appeared in many movies and adventure stories.

Has worked with Larry Eageleburger in COBOL, at the East–West Institute 11 East 26th Street, NY.

Lectured at George Washington University; “Leadership for the 21 Century.”

Was an infield commander in a late 20th century war.

Stayed with Hariharananda two years in Puri Carar Ashram and has written a book about it: Santhana (Bodley Head).

Ran for Parliament on the D.C. Democratic Party ticket.

Official candidate for president of Croatia in 2009.

Was head of CELI Washington (Central European Leadership Institute) from 2001 – 2003.

Currently head of a university post-graduate leadership program.

Lives and works internationally.

Has taught at Ciudad de Mexico; Shangai; Berkley; Phoenix, Arizona.

Has spoken in British Parliament.






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